About Us

Soul Investments is an adaptive and studious Canadian Real Estate investment company that enables individuals to invest in premium, well-selected real estate investments, using tried and tested investment strategies. Being an active member of the Real Estate investment Network (REIN), coupled with our business foundation cemented in honesty, integrity and trust, our partners have a distinct advantage.

Our REIN based system propels us to properties in fundamentally proven markets focusing on transitional neighborhoods. This plan of action allows us to secure and hold property, creating strong monthly cash flow, while benefiting from long term equity growth/ Soul investments' adopted strategy was founded over 16+ years ago and has guided and purchase a staggering 2.3 billion dollars in property to date in Canada.

Soul Investments' strategy, in partnering with individuals, enables them to own appreciating investment real estate, while receiving monthly dividends. This arm chair investment approach allows for real estate portfolio without the inevitable hassle and headache of managing tenants and properties. We focus on the needs and wants of our partners to successfully develop a true win/won project that meets both parties' goals.

Allow us to help you gain stability and securely grow your investments without increasing your workload or taking more time away from your family, passions and hobbies (where it really matters). Money is a renewable source; however, time is not, once it's gone you can never get it back.

Soul Investments - Strong Asset backed Real Estate Investing

Our Mission

To build a financial stability for our investors by offering unique real estate investments in Southern Alberta that provide positive monthly cash flow, reduced tax equity growth and exceptional stress-free project management, while providing above standard living facilities for the tenant.

Why Us

Our goal is to provide the best rental solution Red Deer and surrounding area has to offer. We will help you find a place that's right for you, so you can settle in without settling for second best. If you require professional, personal and attentive property management: Relax, We're on it.